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NQ is Alerting the Public About the Dangers of False Air Purification Claims

COVID-19 has created a real and urgent need for effective methods to improve indoor air quality. As nightmares about schools and other essential organizations investing money and faith in inept solutions continue to emerge, so has an immediate need to protect public health with proven and accurate information.

“Along with all of the fly-by-night companies that have spawned, seemingly out of nowhere, have come a lot of false claims and gimmicks that,” according to Peter Broadbridge, NQ’s VP of Engineering, “are not only untrue but dangerous.”

A significant issue with the current air purification market is the identifier “HEPA-like.”

The HEPA standard has been established since the 1940s. “There is no “HEPA-like,” confirms Broadbridge. “You either meet the standard, or you don’t.”

Another fallacy is the danger of ultraviolet light (UV). Properly applied UV disinfection is a reliable and fast method to sanitize air Micro-organisms, inactivating bacteria and viruses and reducing their proliferation. “What the public needs to be aware of is that UVC bulbs at 253.6 nanometers do not produce ozone and does not provide a health hazard.”

Just as troubling are the many “gimmicks” on the market like ionization, Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO), and electrostatic precipitation (ESP). While they may be interesting technologies, they are misapplied, untested, and unproven air purification methods, and in many cases, they can be harmful.

Even an effective air purification system can become useless in the wrong size space. This is why the overpromise of clean air without the right ACH calculations is a big problem.

Broadridge advises anyone seeking a clinically tested and proven air purification system to educate themselves on the facts first and seek an experienced partner who can offer guidance and honest customer reviews.

For over 30 years, NQ Industries’ mission has been to create healthier indoor environments through their patented, medical-grade air purify purification systems. Today, they are continuing that mission by alerting the public of the dangers of false claims and helping continue to save lives by providing pure, safe air for medical institutions, military, and commercial applications worldwide.

Talk to an NQ Air Purification System Specialist today to learn more about creating a healthier indoor environment for your organization with confidence.