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NQ Industries Supports The Children’s Center of Hamden With Cleaner and Healthier Air

Founded in 1833, The Children’s Center of Hamden is Connecticut’s oldest childcaring agency. Helping children and families for close to a century, The Children’s Center is a private, nonprofit behavioral health organization dedicated to assisting individuals of all cultural backgrounds to achieve their highest level of functioning through quality treatment, education, and care. Providing hope to youth who struggle with psychological or social problems, physical or sexual abuse, learning disabilities, substance abuse, and family trauma has been the mission of the Children’s Center.

The center’s treatment programs are licensed by the State of Connecticut, and Whitney Hall School is accredited by the Connecticut State Department of Education. With a Gold Seal accreditation from The Joint Commission for Behavioral Health Care Services, the center continues to support mending the hearts and minds of the community they serve with a wide array of services as unique as the individuals they serve.

Consistent with the center’s efforts to provide equitable health for all served, it is a high priority for the multi-service agency to not only ensure the center is a welcoming place for all but a healthy one as well. So, in seeking out the best solution to provide cleaner indoor air, The Children’s Center partnered with NQ Industries.

With the understanding of the comparative risk studies performed by EPA’s Science Advisory Board (SAB) consistently ranking indoor air pollution among the top five environmental risks to public health and also stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus, maintaining good IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) is an essential need of the center. To help preserve The Children Center’s healthy indoor environment, NQ Industries, located on Sherman Avenue in Hamden, CT, donated air purification units to match those purchased by the Center.

Combining innovative technologies and the ancient practices of “clean rooms” for healing, Bill Carey and his NQ team began developing air purification systems designed to support airborne infection control for Tuberculosis isolation rooms in 1993. Now, 20 plus years later, the same pioneering technologies, combining HEPA and Ultraviolet (UVGI), are clinically tested and globally proven to kill airborne pathogens, including COVID-19, and provide pure, safe air for medical institutions, military and commercial applications around the world.

“Whether it’s patients stricken with TB or public health concerns about the spread of COVID, our mission is to help people, and that is what our systems do — actually kill every airborne infection in the room – if it’s a pathogen, it is not making it through our machine period,” states Bill Carey, the president of NQ.

Driven by innovation and an unwavering commitment to provide highly efficient, unsurpassed quality and safe maintenance for easy to use, quickly deployable, and economically viable systems, NQ wanted to make sure The Children’s Center was outfitted with air purifiers. “The work the Children’s Center of Hamden does is important to us as a company, states Elizabeth Carey, NQ Industries VP of Operations, “because children are our future.”

Since adding the air purifiers, “the air is cleaner and healthier at The Children’s Center of Hamden thanks to NQ Industries air purification systems,” affirms Sarah Lockery, LMFT, Chief Development and Engagement Officer of The Children’s Center.

That’s because, through accurate assessment of required Air Changes per Hour, NQ Air Purification Units solve the issues of inadequate ventilation and internal and external contamination with 99.9% removal of airborne contaminants. The systems have helped thousands of worldwide organizations eradicate airborne pathogens, including MRSA, SARS, Tuberculosis, Aspergillus, and now Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Derived from the phrase “Natures Quarters,” NQ has spent two decades delivering on its promise to create safe, healthy indoor environments by developing peerless air purification solutions that protect all communities and help provide peace of mind.

To find out more about how NQ Industries can help your organization actualize healthy indoor environments visit, https://nqinc.com/contact/.