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NQ Industries provides clear terms and clean air for ARP ESSER recipients

The American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act was signed into law on March 11, 2021. The $1.9 trillion package includes $122 billion for the ARP Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ARP ESSER) to assist State educational agencies and school districts reopen and sustain the safe operation of schools and address the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the nation’s students.

While about 20% of the funds must go for efforts to reduce “learning loss,” an unspecified amount can be devoted to mitigating virus transmission, improving environmental health, meeting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) health guidelines and protocols. NQ is rising to the challenge, using its three decades of experience to help learning institutions make the most efficient use of the funds while creating the most effective solution to indoor air quality improvement.

“Our academic leaders are challenged with allocating funds for essential needs, which first and foremost is providing a healthy environment for students and staff,” states NQ President William Carey. “We are helping educators avoid investing in ineffective systems and guiding them to long-term solutions that are easy to implement and proven to deliver pure, safe indoor air for decades to come.”

For over 29 years, NQ has been guiding Elementary and Secondary Schools throughout the United States to help improve indoor air quality (IAQ) and create healthier learning environments.

NQ’s Single Pass Kill® systems — proven to trap and kill airborne pathogens in a single pass while exceeding CDC, EPA, and ASHRAE guidelines — protect both the health and investment of institutions. NQ systems provide long-term solutions and save schools from the costs of retrofitting current HVAC systems. The NQ systems only need to be plugged in and start to work instantly.

Richmond Hill, Trinity Day, and The Children’s Center of Hamden are some of the many institutions choosing to invest in NQ medical-grade systems to help protect their spaces against viruses, bacteria, and molds that contribute to short and long-term health problems for students and staff.

As Sarah Lockery, LMFT, Chief Development and Engagement Officer of The Children’s Center, states, “The air is cleaner and healthier at The Children’s Center of Hamden thanks to NQ Industries air purification systems.”

The expert team at NQ is helping lead educators avoid investing in false claims and sub-par systems that are new-to-market and ineffective against COVID-19. To find out how your school officials can receive NQ ARP ESSER guidance from an NQ Air Purification Specialist, contact Lionel Reid via email at LReid@nqinc.com or call 860-990-3591.

About NQ Industries
Bill Carey and his NQ team began developing air purification systems designed to support airborne infection control for Tuberculosis isolation rooms in 1992. Over two decades later, the same pioneering technologies, combining HEPA and Ultraviolet (UVGI), are clinically tested and globally proven to kill airborne pathogens, including COVID-19, in a single pass. NQ is proud to be the industry leader providing solutions for pure, safe air to learning institutions, government branches, and commercial customers around the world.

To learn more, visit NQinc.com.