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Protecting patients at a fraction of the cost of permanent isolation rooms

We are recognized experts for preventing and solving airborne microbial contamination within medical facilities for over 27 years. Our systems have helped thousands of worldwide healthcare organizations eradicate airborne pathogens including MRSA, SARS, Tuberculosis, Aspergillus, and now Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Medical Solutions

Case Study

Life-saving technology, quality and value

As many hospitals are looking at renovating their existing facilities to provide much more airborne isolation capacity, see why UHN Toronto chose the NQ 500 as a far more cost-effective alternative to building or renovating HVAC systems.

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Supporting medical facilities

Sloan Kettering Hospital


Walter-Reed ARMC

Washington DC

Mt Sinai Hospital

Ontario Canada

Kaiser Permanente

Pasadena and Oakland CA

Mayo Clinic


West Point Hospital


El Paso Children's Hospital

El Paso, TX

NYU Medical Center


Northshore University Hospital

Northwell Health



  • Portable – 350 CFM
  • 4 levels of filtration/HEPA
    + ultraviolet purification


  • Mobile – 500 CFM
  • 2 pre-filters, HEPA filter
    + ultraviolet purification 


  • Wall-Mounted – 755 CFM
  • 4 levels of filtration/HEPA
    + ultraviolet purification 


  • Mobile – 1000 CFM
  • 2 pre-filters, HEPA filter
    + 6 germicidal UV lamps 

Helpful Resources

UVGI Air Disinfection

Proposed Standards and Guidelines study from the Indoor Environment Center, PA State University

ACH Calculations Chart

Accurately assess required Air Changes per Hour for 99.9% removal of airborne contaminants.

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