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NQ Air Purification Systems have been clinically tested and proven in true and real conditions to eradicate airborne pathogens for over 27 years.

Our patented technologies combining HEPA and Ultraviolet (UVGI) exceed CDC, OSHA and WHO guidelines and are clinically tested to kill viruses including COVID-19, providing pure, safe air for medical institutions, military and commercial applications around the world.

Performance of the NQ 500
Against Nosocomial Pathogens
and the H1N1 Influenza Virus
By Wladyslaw J. Kowalski, PE, PhD

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Testing the efficacy of
NQ 500 and NQ Clarifier
Performed and validated by
Doctor Patrice Laudat, Microbiologist
Fleming Clinic, Tours-France

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Evaluation of NQ Industries
NQ 500 for the removal/inactivation
Of microbial pathogens
By Syed A. Sattar, Ph.D. Director,
Centre for Research on
Environmental Microbiology (CREM)
University of Ottawa

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NQ UVGI/HEPA Air Purification System is the best means of controlling hospital acquired infections and an economical solution for health care providers”

– Infection Control Practitioner



  • Portable – 350 CFM
  • 4 levels of filtration/HEPA
    + ultraviolet purification


  • Mobile – 500 CFM
  • 2 pre-filters, HEPA filter
    + ultraviolet purification 


  • Wall-Mounted – 755 CFM
  • 4 levels of filtration/HEPA
    + ultraviolet purification 


  • Mobile – 1000 CFM
  • 2 pre-filters, HEPA filter
    + 6 germicidal UV lamps 

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