Our Mission

At NQ we create safe, healthy indoor environments by developing peerless air purification solutions that protect our communities and help provide peace of mind.

We are driven by innovation and an unwavering commitment to provide highly efficient, unsurpassed quality and safe maintenance for systems that are easy to use, quickly deployable and economically viable.

Our Story

NQ derived from the phrase Natures Quarters, or Natural Room and has spent over 2 decades delivering on this promise that began in 1992. Combining innovative technologies and the ancient practices of “clean rooms” for healing, Bill Carey and his NQ team began developing air purification systems designed to support airborne infection control for Tuberculosis isolation rooms.

Now 20+ years later, the same pioneering technologies, combining HEPA and Ultraviolet (UVGI), are clinically tested and globally proven to kill airborne pathogens including COVID-19 and provide pure, safe air for medical institutions, military and commercial applications around the world.

Whether it’s patients stricken with TB or public health concerns about the spread of COVID, our mission is to help people and that is what our systems do — actually kill every airborne infection in the room – if it’s a pathogen it is not making it through our machine period.

– Bill Carey
   NQ, President


March 2020

COVID-19 has become the biggest threat, making NQ machines more valuable than ever.

January 2009

Swine flu became a mini pandemic, and NQ was on the forefront of making machines.

February 2003

NQ is recognized for efforts and reports is stopping SARS

March ????

Protecting patients at a fraction of the cost of permanent isolation rooms

April ????

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We started in the medical industry, that is where we got our discipline from and we are still making medical-grade products for use in the commercial setting. We do not cheapen our standards, no matter what.

– Bill Carey
   NQ, President

Our Core Values

+ Integrity

NQ Industries, Inc. prides itself on being made in America, producing well designed and expertly engineered products for the world.

+ Innovation

Life-saving products and making a difference is our forte. NQ Industries, Inc. is always about discovering those new solutions to the next problems of today. Whether it's allergy season or in a pandemic, we want to make sure people can breathe easily is any capacity.

+ Teamwork

NQ Industries, Inc. has a well-oiled team of individuals who are hard-working and collaborative of new ideas and solutions. Cultivating relationships is a key component to our success.

+ Respect

Treating the team like a family and knowing everyone's name is at the heart of NQ Industries. We create happiness in the workplace and have a team that always comes in, rain or shine.

+ Drive

NQ Industries, Inc. is driven not just by the bottom line, but by striving to be the best in the business through quality and proven medical studies.

Our Executive Team

William Carey


Lionel Reid

Vice President of Sales

Elizabeth Carey

Vice President of Operations

Peter Broadbridge

Vice President of Engineering

Daryl Gross

Vice President of Finance



  • Portable – 350 CFM
  • 4 levels of filtration/HEPA
    + ultraviolet purification


  • Mobile – 500 CFM
  • 2 pre-filters, HEPA filter
    + ultraviolet purification 


  • Wall-Mounted – 755 CFM
  • 4 levels of filtration/HEPA
    + ultraviolet purification 


  • Mobile – 1000 CFM
  • 2 pre-filters, HEPA filter
    + 6 germicidal UV lamps