The OdorGuard screen is a revolutionary odor remover screen featuring patented technology to remove a wide realm of odors like VOCs and organic odors such as: odors from cooking, pets, mold, body and more. This patent pending technology is designed to be unobtrusive; it does not emit any smells or odors and is long lasting (can withstand 2 years of constant use). It is proven to reduce many annoying odors for a very affordable price.

The OdorGuard is activated by either sunlight, UV fluorescent light – either A,B or C wavelength. It takes only a few lumens to keep it activated. Activation is simple and anyone can do it.

Not only is it very affordable and can remove odors, but it can also be placed anywhere – kitchens, bathrooms, sports bags and even cars. Its uses are for auto or mobile home, truck, in your home or to take on the road. It’s versatility and price is making it the hottest product on the market.

The TI02 material, already coated on the screen, is also available in Aerosol Form and may be applied directly to additional surfaces both inside automobiles as well as other fabrics such as couches, drapes etc. The solution air-dries to form well-bonded, ultra thin mineral films that are highly durable, self-cleaning, odor killing and germ resisting. TI02 coatings are clear, colorless, environmentally friendly water-based suspensions of nano-sized particles of photoactive TI02 (titanium dioxide – a common earth mineral).

There is no power needed, no special handling required, only the interior space and UV light are needed, the screen or Aerosol Spray does the rest.